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Standard Track

Intense Track

*Vienna Boys Choir

To audition for the Vienna Boys Choir means that students should apply for the School of Vienna Boys Choir (Schulen der Wiener Sängerknaben) on your own. A sophisticated timetable is required and enabled by the choir having their own boarding school, in order for the boys to combine rehearsals, concerts, school and leisure time. The Vienna Boys Choir has the grammar school , the upper level , the elementary school and the music kindergarten (in cooperation with the City of Vienna).

Elementary Music Education (age 3-6)

The Elementary Music Programme is one of our most favoured programmes of all time. Designed and developed first by music pedagogues of the VBC kindergarten in Vienna, our theme-based curriculum offers authentic European elementary music education. We adopt a child-centered approach to deliver holistic development in children through music.

Treble Choirs (age 5 - 14)

The Vienna Boys Choir in Austria and the VBC Academy Concert Choir are iconic treble choirs of the VBC and VBCMA. We have designed signature choir programmes guiding children from age 5 to work towards entering these two prestigious choirs. The Intense Track, which offers guaranteed entry into the VBC Academy Concert Choir, requires joining both choir programmes and voice trainings as pre-requisites. 

We also welcome students who would like to join choir programmes as a hobby and to grow up with music and friends. The Standard Track is designed to offer a gradual learning process for all music lovers. If students show exceptional talents, they will be invited to join VBC Academy Concert Choir.


The VBC-Method

Audition at Age 9+



Audition at Age 9+ or Direct Entry

If a child has less than 2 years of choir experience at age 8, please apply for the VBC Junior Choir Programme.

If a child has at least 2 years of choir experience at age 8, please apply for the VBC Senior Choir Programme.

Yes. However, from our previous experience, most students need to first trained in the VBC Senior Choir Programme before they could pass the audition for VBC Academy Concert Choir.

Yes. To meet the requirement of direct entry into VBC Academy Concert Choir and of the concession to audition for Vienna Boys Choir, all prerequisites have to be fulfilled. If a student for whatever reason can only partially fulfil the prerequisites, both the direct entry or concession to audition will be upon VBCMA’s deliberation based on the student’s performance.

The VBC Pre-audition Trainings are designed specially for intense training into our prestigious treble choirs.

VBC Pre-audition Training I is a physical programme taught by VBCMA pedagogues in Hong Kong. VBC Pre-audition Training II is a hybrid programme taught by VBC pedagogues in Austria.

For all overseas students wishing to join VBC Pre-audition Training, all trainings will be done online.