SINCE 2011

“Music learning nowadays is becoming too technical and mechanical; such learning method strips music of its ability to shape personality and creativity – we see the need of change!”

Gerald Wirth, President and Artistic Director, Vienna Boys Choir


Established in 2011, Vienna Boys Choir Music Academy (VBCMA) is the first, and by far only, overseas academy of Vienna Boys Choir (VBC), Austria. Headquartered in Hong Kong, VBCMA is at the forefront of music and choral education. We adopt the 500 years educational and choral tradition of VBC, which was awarded by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2017, in our service.

Evolved for 10 years, VBCMA has become a dynamic institute providing signature VBC programmes, outreach programmes and online programmes.


We promote VBC artistic values in diverse educational services. The human thoughts and feelings are the soul of remarkable performance, therefore genuine love for singing is the foundation of brilliant voices. Our educational services put this mindset of artistic values first to bring out the personality and creativity in you. Our programmes are designed to nurture guided growth based on your ability. 

Promoting vocal and choral arts solemnly, we uphold and require high artistic standard at different learning stages among our students.


VBC Academy Concert Choir is the treble choir representing VBCMA to perform at official ceremonies and charity events. This Concert Choir can perform a wide repertoire of world music as well as specific songs at your request. 

As part of the VBC tradition, the conductor is often also the pianist on stage. We would try our best to keep this tradition alive as long as the venue allows. Invite us to perform at your event to amplify your objective or to decorate the atmosphere with choral music!


VBCMA aspires to share the VBC approach and experience with schools, organisations, NGOs and the arts and cultural industries. 

We welcome diverse forms of collaborations in order to promote choral music and to partake in the vibrant future of arts and culture in Hong Kong and worldwide.

Apart from offering music and choral programmes, our arts administration team can also design, manage and implement projects, big and small. Contact us to co-create!

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Gerald Wirth

President and Artistic Director, Vienna Boys Choir

Erasmus Baumgartner

Deputy Artistic Director, Vienna Boys Choir

Agnes Quilicot

Certified Music Pedagogue VBCMA Conductor

Eunice Suen

Certified Music Pedagogue VBCMA Conductor
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Joyce Lau

Certified Music Pedagogue VBCMA Conductor

Anna Ng

Certified Music Pedagogue VBCMA Conductor
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Jessica Tsang

VBCMA Conductor
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Gabriel Ma

VBCMA Conductor