VBC Method

VBC Method is the artistic and educational approach developed by the Vienna Boys Choir. It is a perfect integration of three indispensable elements – VBC´s artistic tradition, VBC´s educational perspectives and the philosophy of VBC´s Artistic Director

VBC´s artistic tradition is drawn from the choir´s 500 years of championship at the Capital of Music. Nowadays VBC gives almost 300 performances a year all over the world. The Choir develops its educational perspectives through interactions with a wide diversity of cultures and eras.

Numerous great musicians characterised and developed VBC by means of their own artistic and educational philosophy. Gerald Wirth, the current Artistic Director for 15 years and a former Choir member, combines traditional choir education with general music education in a joyful yet intensive approach. His Wirth Method is the methodology currently adopted by the VBC


VBC Method is not only about acquiring music, but also ‘feeling’ music. 

The connection between body, voice and music is what enables students to truly understand the musical art. This is achieved by our programmes’ holistic teaching approach. 

VBC Method is both process-oriented and target-oriented. 

Each human being has a natural sense of musicality and singing, like speaking, is a natural talent as well. Moreover, each child has a natural enthusiasm to learn and to explore the world. Music has a positive and profound effect on the upbringing of children and personality development at different ages. VBC Method facilitates students to express themselves in music in a continuous manner and to manage both artistic and technical challenges.

VBC Method offers multi-level experience.

The group experience of singing together over an extended period of time is an essential element of the course. As typical for the Vienna Boys Choir tradition, students of different levels (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced) are taught in one group. The more experienced will enhance and deepen their knowledge through repetition and variation of well-known concepts. By being the mentors of the less experienced, they will develop managing and finally, leadership skills. 

VBC Method emphasises the diversity of repertoire. 

An extensive variety of repertoire that encompasses different genres, cultures and history assures quality education and adequate exposure.





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