EMP - Introduction

The Vienna Boys Choir Elementary Music Programme (VBCEMP) offers children an authentic artist’s approach to music. The centre of the programme is the voice – the basic and essential human instrument. The programme is professionally designed by the Vienna Boys Choir and is taught by Certified Pedagogues.

Igniting Passion 

VBCEMP provides students with a broad musical basis and aims to enlighten a fire for music. The programme is tailored to the participant’s age and experience and stresses the indispensable mentality needed for fostering sustainability in music. Ultimately, we hope to see our students grow with music as their life-long companion. With music, they can articulate their ideas artistically and innovatively.

Inducting Discovery

Our Elementary Music Programme uses the VBC Method for cultivating the sensibility for music in children. By developing their voices and ears, and teaching them how to express music through body-movement and with basic instruments, the students discover the world of music in a holistic and playful way.

Stimulating Inspirations

An artist’s success is much more than a coincidence. In order to unfold individual musical potential and the ability to express oneself in music, stimulation is often involved, alongside with an artist’s unique way of reception. Therefore, we strive to make available and help students recognise relevant stimulation, so that students know how to watch for other inspirations in everyday life.





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